Space Usage Alcohol Policy

Oxford SU Space Usage Alcohol Policy 

Oxford SU intends to provide a safe, inclusive and welcoming study and leisure environment, therefore promoting a responsible consumption of alcohol.  

The SU building is owned by the University of Oxford. Where an event is held on these premises, student societies, clubs and groups attending said event should abide by Oxford SU’s Space Usage Alcohol Policy as well as the University of Oxford’s policy on the misuse of alcohol. The University will take disciplinary action in response to unacceptable behaviour associated with the abuse or misuse of alcohol. 

1. By using the SU’s space, and consuming alcohol in it, the organiser of the booking must agree to the following points: 

1.1  The organiser, as well as, where applicable, the society’s committee, are responsible for the actions of their attendees/members when meeting in the SU building. They are also responsible for the welfare of all attendees/members of the booking. When booking the SU, the Space Usage Policy must also be agreed to and obeyed. Points 1.4, 1.5 and 1.7 of the Space Usage Policy particularly refer to the responsibilities of the Student Member making the booking, which is strongly emphasised where alcohol is present.  

1.2  At least one member of the committee/group (ideally the Student Member who made the booking) should remain sober, in case of accident and to ensure everyone attending the event is safe. 

1.3  Non-alcoholic drinks should be provided as well as alcoholic.  

1.4 A refundable deposit of £50 must be paid for all bookings where alcohol is present. We must receive this at least 7 days prior to your booking. It will be refunded on the Friday following your booking, providing Oxford SU staff are satisfied that there were no concerns.  If you would like to 'block book' - i.e. book several meetings (maybe once a week), we will hold the deposit until the Friday following your final booking of the term.

1.5 If a student engages in aggressive, abusive, or anti-social behaviour, including but not limited to damage to property and/or disruption as a result of the use of alcohol, penalties may be imposed at the discretion of Oxford SU management. 

1.6 Penalties may be imposed on the Student Member responsible for the booking, and/or the other members of the society/club/group if the above points are not obeyed. These could be, but are not limited to: no longer having the ability to book or use the SU space, non-reimbursement of the deposit.  

Once you have read and understood these terms, please complete our Agreement Form, and send over the deposit (details are on the form).