Welfare Products

Due to staff working from home this service is currently unavailable.

Get common room welfare supplies (Condoms, Lube, Pregnancy Tests, and Rape Alarms) through the SU for cheaper and more convenient supplies!

Welfare are orders are placed by reps completing the form below. Once the order is ready for collection (this should be within 5 working days) reps will received an email stating how much the welfare will cost, along with payment instructions. All welfare orders must be paid for before the rep can collect them.

The preferred payment option is bank transfer, in this case the rep will need to show proof of payment when they come to collect the order (a printout/ screen shot etc.) We can accept payment by cash (exact change needed) or cheque, just notify the SU of this in advance.

We ask all reps to sign a copy of their receipt as confirmation the order has been paid for and collected, for our records. Should you wish to cancel your order please email enquiries@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk

Make a Welfare Order

*Unfortunately, we are no longer able to source dental dams from our contraceptive supplier. You may be able request them from a local sexual health clinic, or you can find out how to make a dam from a condom by visiting the Brook website: https://www.brook.org.uk/your-life/dental-dams