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"We are Oxford's student-run economics society. We are open to all students of the University of Oxford, both in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Members are able to discuss their ideas with speakers and among themselves in an informal setting, developing insights into topics that matter, from the economics of climate change to the role of biases in decision-making and economic models. We will also be hosting more informal social events this term! Economics is about asking questions, broad and narrow ones. Why are people so willing to pay for fake goods? Is the financial sector too large compared to the real economy? Which role has the government played in the development and which role should it play in the future? Sometimes we forget that these are the questions we eventually want to answer. The Oxford Economics Society is here to bring them to the front of student minds’ attention, empowering them to find new answers. Offering novel perspectives on and from the field and a community of likewise curious and critical minds, we aim for our events to be moments of discussion and inspiration."