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We are SynBio.Oxford: the Oxford University Society of Synthetic Biology. We represent a growing community of Oxford students who share a passion for Synthetic Biology (SynBio). We regularly meet, share ideas and inspire each other about the past and future of this exciting field.

We promote Synthetic Biology within Oxford University and the wider region, while also acting as a bridge between students and academics.

Our aims include:

  • Providing a hub for the SynBio community within the University of Oxford.
  • Fostering collaboration between SynBio community members including students, university staff, research institutes, industry and the public.
  • Raising awareness about Synthetic Biology. This includes current endeavours, recent discoveries, future applications, and ethical issues that may be raised.
  • Nurturing the next generation of Synthetic Biologists. We direct undergraduate students interested in Synthetic Biology towards the opportunities available to them in industry and academia after graduation.