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We are currently updating our advice pages and information. These pages will be back online very shortly. 

Student residency arrangements confirmed for Hilary term

Silver Group has now agreed student residency arrangements for Hilary term 2020.

The University’s expectation is that most students will be in residence for each term of the 2020/21 academic year. Nevertheless, it is recognised there is a need to consider individual student circumstances in a sensitive and supportive manner. 

  • Students with a residency dispensation granted for MT20

Students who were granted residency dispensation for Michaelmas term 2020 before Sunday 1 November (whether through an individual application or those who took up a blanket dispensation), will have the opportunity to extend this dispensation into Hilary term 2020. The Proctors will write to these students in early-December advising them of this opportunity. They will also be instructed to consult with their Department, if they haven’t done so already, to determine if this is the most appropriate/possible route for them, and to identify if there will be any academic impact on them not being in residence before they make a decision. If they choose to take up the residency dispensation they will need to notify the Proctors’ Office by 12 noon Friday 15 January. Hanne Clark Nicola Reed

  • Students who have not had a residency dispensation granted for Michaelmas term 2020

The Proctors will continue to consider individual applications for residency dispensation on the COVID-19 pandemic grounds that were introduced for Michaelmas term. Further advice and the application process can be found on the student residence requirements page

The evolving situation with the pandemic means that the policy for residency, and dispensation from the residency requirements in Trinity term, will be considered during Hilary term.

This information has now been published on the Christmas vacation page of the University coronavirus site, and will be included in Monday’s Student News.


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Student Advice is the only independent advice and information service exclusively available to Oxford University Students.  Our advisors are working remotely at the moment due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and are offering advice by email. We will do our best to reply to you within 2 working days. You can call us during term time. Please also check here updates to our service.

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There will be no advisors available for advice phone calls on these days in Michaelmas Term - Monday 2nd November & Thursday 5th November.
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Some legal firms will offer an initial short free consultation. Students can find out if the firm they choose offer this service by telephoning the firm directly. It is important to remember that all legal services can carry a cost and to check with the firm carefully before agreeing to any appointments or work to avoid any unexpected charges.