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Wherever possible, teaching and learning will be moved to an online format, and plans are being developed for those activities that cannot be readily substituted by an online format. Planned written paper examinations will not go ahead in their normal format in Trinity term. Instead, the University intends to move to an online approach. Details will follow as soon as more arrangements have been made. 

Please be assured that the sabbatical offices are working hard to ensure that provision is accessible. If you have concerns about examinations and assessment, please contact Ray Williams (VP Access and Academic Affairs) at vpaccaff@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk   

These are guidelines correct at the time of publishing. In an ever changing context, it is only possible to publish guidelines. We are doing our best to offer relevant and up to date information and will update this page as information becomes available. If you have any queries or difficulties, please contact advice@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk.


I live in College/University Accommodation

If you have a licence or tenancy agreement for University or College accommodation next term but are not in residence, you will not be charged rent. You may need to inform the University or your College that you wish to cancel your agreement; they will tell you how to do this.Contact your College or Accommodation office for more information. If you are staying in Oxford, or if government policy changes and you return to University or College accommodation, you will be charged rent in the usual way. For students in private rented accommodation, the University and Colleges have no control over the arrangements, and students are likely to still be liable for the rest of the year to their landlords.


I live in private rented accommodation

Oxford SU Advice are generalist advisors and we are currently advising all students who contact us with housing queries about privately rented accommodation that they could seek advice from Shelter. Shelter is a national charity offering free, confidential and specialist housing advice to tenants. Shelter do not advise landlords. 

Shelter should be able to offer advice on students' tenancies and clarify what their individual rights and responsibilities are.  We are then happy to talk through the options for action which Shelter outlines and potential next steps. It could be useful to take a screenshot of the advice given to you by Shelter over the webchat, if you are able to.  

Shelter's contact details are below:


Please feel free to contact us again once you have an opinion on your rights and responsibilities fromShelter so that we could offer support in any next steps you choose to take. If you have any difficulty contacting them, let us know.

If you are on your JCR committee and require support, please contact one of the sabbatical officers or our student engagement team.

If you are struggling financially as a result of Covid-19, it may be worth applying to one of the University hardship funds. Find more information here ox.ac.uk/students/fees-funding/assistance/hardship?wssl=1

For further advice regarding financial hardship, please contact our Student Advice Team at advice@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk


The Student Loans Company has confirmed that students will receive their scheduled next instalment of their maintenance loan at the planned start of their summer term. Find more info here: ow.ly/7mIy50yRcz5 


If you are not receiving communications regarding Covid-19 from the university, please fill in this form: https://tinyurl.com/rs47s4s 





The health, welfare and safety of students and staff is the number one priority for the University. As the Government has increased measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, the University is taking further steps to safeguard our community.

Coronavirus: advice for University staff, students and departments.

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Updated government guidance including how to look after yourself, what to do if you have travelled recently and preventing the spread of the virus.


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Guidance for members of the public regarding COVID-19. COVOID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It's caused by a virus called coronavirus.

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Welfare & Practical Support 

The counselling service is continuing to operate through this challenging period. Until further notice, all appointments will take place on-line rather than in person. Our building at 3 Worcester Street is closed until further notice.


please email counselling@admin.ox.ac.uk 

Our Student Advice Service will continue provide advice via email.

Please contact them at advice@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk  

The SU is currently planning a range of online activities and classes including yoga, gaming and knitting. More info to follow. 

In the meantime we have put together a Welfare Support document with ideas and activities to help pass the time.


Gaming League 














Shared Notes Drive 


A shared notes drive has been set up to share resources and notes in a difficult time for students. Feel free to share - this is an open access folder. We will be monitoring to make sure it remains fit for purpose.

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Oxford SU Teaching and Assessment Student Consultation (Trinity 2020)


This consultation is a collaborative effort between Oxford Student Union and the University (including the Student Registry and the Centre for Teaching and Learning).

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Update from Your Student Union


The UK Government's response to COVID-19 includes encouraging stricter measures
surrounding social distancing. These measures include advising non-essential social contact; including avoiding pubs, clubs, restaurants and theatres as well as non-essential travel for a prolonged period...

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