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Student Advice is the only independent advice and information service exclusively available to Oxford University Students. You can browse our Student Help database of information or drop us an email to speak to an advisor. Our advisors are working remotely at the moment due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and are offering advice by email. We will do our best to reply to you within 2 working days. We are also exploring all other options to deliver our service for students. Please check here for updates.


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Recent Student Advice FAQs  

Student Advice are open for email advice. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions students have come to us with over the last few weeks. This page will be updated regularly as your questions come in. To get in touch with Student Advice, email us on Please also check our website for updates to our service over the coming weeks. 


I have a chance to do paid work remotely from home. Can I do online work from home as well as my studies? 

The University has specific rules around students doing paid work as well as their studies. The rules are different for Undergraduate and Post graduate students. It is important to check what the rules for your course and academic status are before agreeing to take on any paid work. You could look in your course or College handbook, check with your Department or Supervisor/Tutor or search online on the University websites. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, Student Advice would be happy to try and help you. 


I’m struggling with studying at home/online assessment. It feels lonely and isolating. I miss Oxford. 

Student Advice would be happy to hear from you and try and help to point you to some supportive resources. There is help available for you, you are not alone in finding things difficult. 


Does the safety net around final classification only apply to finalists? I am doing a piece of coursework which counts towards my final classification and am worried it will not be my best work because of the Covid- 19 situation. 

Contact Student Advice to talk through your specific situation. Generally speaking, it is only the final classification which is covered by the safety net. If you feel your assessed work may be affected by  the current context, you could consider whether an application for mitigating circumstances may apply to you and your particular situation. You can read more about mitigating circumstances  in the Covid-19 context here . Student Advice are happy to try and support you through the application process, by clarifying the stages and reading and commenting on your draft statement. 

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