I’m finding it hard to make ends meet in Oxford. How do I budget?

It’s difficult to manage money, particularly if this is your first time away from home. There are many budgeting tools online. 



What is something simple I can do to start budgeting?

Just get a sheet of paper and a pen. Then, draw a line down the middle, across the top and follow the instructions below. The aim is to make your money coming in (income) equal, or ideally even greater than, your money going out (expenditure).

  1. Make two headings on each side of the sheet: one for income and the other for expenditure
  2. Write all your sources of income under that heading and total them. Do exactly the same for expenditure.
  3. For an example graph, check out the Money Matters Guide 

Money Matters Guide


Before you draw up your budget, spend two or three days collecting receipts for everything you spend or note it down in a notepad. Make sure you record everything, from extra coffees to public transport fares. You shouldn’t be scared to look up your bank balance. Find more tips and practical financial advice in our Money Matters Guide