Racial Equality

Who's making it happen


We are pleased to be playing a key role in the University's recently established Race Equality Taskforce: 'With a membership from across the collegiate University, it will propose a University-wide strategy to address under-representation and both conscious and unconscious discrimination. There will be an opportunity for staff and students to share and discuss their experiences, and to shape the proposals for addressing challenges. Reporting to Council, it will build on the wider range of existing activities that already take place across the collegiate University, accelerating representation across the University.' Our VP Graduates and President are sitting on the taskforce alongside a number of other student representatives.

At Oxford SU we are in the process of establishing our own equality, diversity and inclusion action plan.


In the most recent meeting of the Race Equality Task Force's Student Issues working group which I cochair with Matt Jarvis, I wrote and presented a paper on communicating with students. The paper passed in the meeting and will the two proposals on holding an all student forum and creating a feedback form for all students to fill in will be put into action. - Nikita