This year NUS has taken the decision to deliver NUS National Conference 2020 online. Their Democratic Procedures Committee has now confirmed the agenda and you’ll find the information you need on this site.

Conference Schedule and Updates

Tuesday 31st March - Elections

09:00 Welcome

Presidential Address: The National President, Zamzam Ibrahim and the Chair of Democratic Procedures Committee, Naa Acquah welcomed delegates to the conference. You can watch the video online

Election Speeches: We heard from the candidates for the Positions of National President, Vice President Further Education and Vice President Higher Education. The videos were posted online.

National Presidential candidates can be found here and hustings here.

Vice President for Further Education candidates can be found here and hustings here.

Vice President for Higher Education candidates can be found here and hustings here.

12:00 Close of Nominations for DPC Positions

17:00 Close of Polls

Wednesday 1 April – Conference Policy Discussions

11:00 Officer Election Result Announcement

The Deputy Returning Officer announced the results:

NUS President - Larissa Kennedy
Vice-President Further Education - Salsabil Elmegri
Vice President Higher Education - Hilary Gyebi-Ababio
You can read comments from Larissa, Salsabil and Hilary on the NUS website.

11:15 Policy Voting

NUS published videos on each of the eight motions, including summaries and speeches for and against.

National Scrutiny Council: Speeches have been published for all NSC candidates.
Voting: Voting opened for NSC, DPC and Policy votes.

Monday 6 April – Close of Polls

12:00 Close of Polls

Close of polls for NSC, DPC elections and policy voting. Results for Policies, NSC elections and DPC elections have been published online.

Oxford's NUS Delegates

Anisha Faruk


Maryam Shah


Asif Khan


Nikita Ma


Guosh Liu


Allen Haugh


Martin Yip


How they've voted