Sabbatical Officers

Joe Inwood | President



Hi, I am Joe Inwood, and I am your President. My role is all about governance, democracy and increasing student engagement in Oxford SU. I campaign and meet regular with the University and College senior management team to ensure students are at the heart of any and all decisions the university makes

My key priorities this year include:
  • Deliver a more accessible and open SU

  • Address the Oxford student mental health crisis

  • Provide student leadership on access

  • Support EU students through Brexit


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Lucas Bertholdi-Saad | VP Access & Academic Affairs



Hi, I am Lucas Bertholdi-Saad, and I am your VP Access and Academic Affairs. I take care of anything academic-related. This includes exams, access, course reps. I want to make sure you get the most out of your degree and academic work.

My key priorities this year include:
  • Set up Access & Academic Affairs rep forum to better support students in their work in colleges

  • Hold a conference on Access and the University’s social role

  • Get the university to commit to more ambitious access targets

  • Consult students about the introduction of Reading Weeks.


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Rosanna Greenwood | VP Charities & Community



Hi, I am Rosanna Greenwood and I am your VP Charities & Community. I am responsible for support RAG, volunteering, community relations, green impact (including veggie pledge and bikes) I work really closely with the local council, community groups, colleges and housing providers.

My key priorities this year include:
  • I want to develop a sustainable approach to volunteering at Oxford SU and create something that benefits students and the wider community.

  • Deliver our biggest Student Volunteering Week, (19-25 Feb)

  • Relaunch the community warden scheme so it can reach even more long term residents and make a difference.

  • Help to improve information about the private rented sector for students and support students to live out and love it

  • Veggie Pledge in November is going to be super and the biggest one we have ever done.


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Allison D’ambrosia | VP Graduates



Hi, I am Allison D’ambrosia and I am your VP Graduates. I represent the interests of all Postgrad students including Dphil students to ensure you have the best possible experience. I make sure postgraduates have their voice heard and opinions represented at all levels of the university. International and student parents also come under my remit, so get in touch if you have any questions.

My key priorities this year include:
  • Ensure that Oxford SU is baby friendly, we are going to be opening up our space in the office and creating more facilities for student parents.

  • Work alongside the University to deliver the vacant room project, which helps to pair students with free rooms.

  • Graduate welfare is extremally patchy and I want to work to improve the service that students get.

  • Graduates often get forgotten about in welcome events, I want to change that by improving and creating a standard welcome pack for all grad students.


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Ellie Macdonald | VP Welfare & Equal Opportunity



Hi, I am Ellie Macdonald and I am your VP Welfare & Equal Opportunities. I am here for your health and happiness at Oxford. Supporting you on issues and campaigning to build an inclusive community.

My key priorities this year include:
  • Improving support for trans students, plan to run the largest survey of students to gather a picture of the support needed. Ensure the findings including the university and enable us to lobby them.

  • Provide Home Living Kits for estranged students and deliver support and guidance for them.

  • Create one point of call and support for suspended students to ensure they have the same help and guidance.

  • Work with the University Counselling service to improve feedback and make sure students have a say.


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Katt Walton | VP Women



Hi, I am Katt Walton, and I am your VP Women. I represent women students and lead on the work to stamp out gender inequality across the University. I also liaise and support student parents.

My key priorities this year include:
  • Improving welfare and support of student sex workers, including running a survey to find the extent of our members involvement in sex work.

  • Supporting the launch of the new Sexual Violence and Harassment service run by the university, this is going to be a key support mechanism in helping students.

  • Working on a consultation around the Gender Recognition Act and the support we can give to Trans students at Oxford.

  • To expand the consent workshop, currently gets delivered to 6000 students a year.


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