Sabbatical Officers

Anisha Faruk | President


Hey, I’m Anisha (she/her) and I’m your SU President this year!

I ran to be your President to empower students and make sure the university can’t ignore the voices of the student body. My role involves representing students to the university, acting as a student voice on influential committees at high levels, as well as on the national stage.

My priorities for this year are access, mental health and student engagement. This coming year will be a significant one for all these issues as we’ll be helping to oversee the implementation of the University’s new access initiatives, Foundation Oxford and Opportunity Oxford; be pushing to secure funding for the University’s Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Strategy; and increasing out engagement with and support of student societies.

Brexit and changes to the Higher Education sector nationally will also be big focus areas for the SU. We will lobby the university to release as much information as they can on the effects of Brexit on students; push to protect the interests of our international students; and continue the SU’s longstanding fight against the marketisation of higher education.

I’m really excited for the coming year – get in touch if you have any questions!



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Ray Williams | VP Access & Academic Affairs


My name is Ray and I’m your VP AccAff for the 2019/20 academic year! Access and academic affairs are at the heart of the Oxford experience and so my role gives me a unique opportunity to really fight for your interests, bring students together, and search for innovative solutions to pressing issues like attainment gaps. 


As members of this student community, we have a responsibility both to each other and to wider society. Over the course of the year, I’ll be working with students to push for positive change, focused around the policies in my manifesto. My priorities include: 

1. Lobbying for inclusive teaching practices and a better work-life balance for students

2. Promoting best practice academic policy across colleges

3. Strengthening student representation and student democracy in Oxford

I believe that there is a huge amount that we can achieve together. If there is an access/academic issue you are passionate about or if you think there’s some way that the SU can help then I want to hear from you


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Kaya Axelsson | VP Charities & Community


I work with the university to address student concerns on the most pressing local and global challenges of our time, from homelessness to climate change. I recently completed an MPhil in the department of Comparative Government at the University of Oxford where I examined successful climate advocacy in conservative or institutionally challenging environments.


I am working on an initiative called Beyond Individual Action, a network starting out of Oxford, which empowers students to launch campaigns for systemic climate action from Universities across the globe. I am also helping to roll out centralised platforms that connect Oxford students to local charities and provides resources and aid to Oxford’s homeless community.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me with an idea, resource, or concern for improving the community in and outside of Oxford.


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Neil Misra | VP Graduates


Hello! My name is Neil Misra, and I studied Modern South Asian Studies at Oriel College. I am your SU Vice President of Graduates for the 2019-20 academic year! In addition to postgraduate students, my remit also includes all international students (both undergraduate and graduate), mature students, part-time students, student parents, and student carers. I look forward to working with the student community in the upcoming year to build a better Oxford. Some of my priorities as your VP Graduates are:

  • Expand the Reach Scholarship to include postgraduate students
  • Address the issue of discrimination by college porter stuff
  • Create an international student peer mentorship program
  • Use vacant rooms in larger colleges to house the many postgraduate students without college accommodation
  • Lobby for free vacation storage space for international students and for flexible move-in/move-out dates
  • Facilitate collaboration between different international student organizations

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me


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Roisin McCallion | VP Welfare & Equal Opportunity





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Amber Sparks | VP Women


Hi, I’m Amber and I’ll be VP Women this year! I’m really looking forward to engaging with and supporting students and your campaigns, and seeing how I can link in with your work. My priorities for the year are to:

  • Use the sex worker report to see how student sex workers can be supported by the sexual violence service
  • Push more colleges to adopt Gender Intelligence training and more generally stand up against transphobia within the University and the wider community
  • Work with the University to assess attainment gaps based on gender, race and class while working with students of these groups to recommend better academic support
  • Engage with student parents and push for child-friendly spaces and support
  • Look at graduate-specific issues of welfare, study and accommodation
  • Organise events by women*, minority identities and liberation groups to raise awareness of certain issues and give a platform for action

Please feel free to contact me with any queries, suggestions or issues


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