Who we are


Led by students for students

We’re called the Students’ Union because that’s what we are; a union of students. It’s the issues that matter to students that drive us. Here, students can feel assured that their views count, their voice is strong, and together we’ll use them to make student life even better.

Oxford SU is the representative body for all University of Oxford students and our direction and ideas are led by our student members.

Our Manifesto

Oxford SU believes that the University of Oxford must lead the way in creating an environment where current and future students are governed by fairness; where everyone has an equal opportunity to flourish in their pursuit of education. We believe that education is the foundation for the future. The better the education, the better the future for all of us.

Being a student at the University of Oxford brings unique privileges, opportunities and challenges. Oxford SU is committed to empowering its students; we will ensure that their voice is listened to at every level of the University and is a catalyst for positive change. We embrace the entire student experience, from the grandly institutional to the intensely personal. We are entirely devoted to the wants and needs of all students, current and future.

Over the next five years, we will focus our work on the three themes of education, wellbeing and communities; each theme has a number of objectives. Alongside these objectives sits a ‘vision’ document, which highlights our campaigning priorities and policy positions. We believe in making the University of Oxford a better place, to the benefit of our students and society at large.


Our Purpose

To improve the overall experience for current and future students at the University of Oxford.

Our Values

We are inclusive

We must ensure that everything we do is accessible to all of our student members

We listen

We represent the voice of students. We must ensure that in everything we do, we first listen to what the students want and need.

We take action

There's no point just talking - or taking ineffective action. We will always assess what actions will be most effective and fair in any situation, then enact this.

We challenge

It is our responsibility to question the institution in which we work to ensure provisions for students at the University of Oxford are the best they can be.

We adapt

Oxford SU wants to grow to be the best version of itself, ensuring that our membership receives as much as possible from our organisation.


Sabbatical Officers Team

Anvee Bhutani

SU President

Safa Sadozai

VP Access & Academic Affairs

Aleena Waseem

VP Charities & Community


VP Graduates

Keisha Asare

VP Welfare & Equal Opportunities

Kemi Agunbiade

VP Women

Senior Leadership Team

Kate Dawson

Chief Executive Officer

Kristy-Anne Field

Head of Finance & Organisational Effectiveness

Advice, Voice and Policy Team

Hanne Clark

Student Voice, Influence & Advice Manager

Nicky Reed

Student Advisor

Alice Churm

Policy & Change Coordinator

Student Engagement Team

Josh O'Connor

Student Engagement Manager

Arthur Kaddu

Student Engagement Coordinator

Daisy O'Connor

Student Engagement Coordinator

Communications and Marketing Team

Stephen Taylor

Communications & Marketing Manager

Lucy Auger

Communications Coordinator

Finance and Organisational Effectiveness Team

Ian Mills

Finance Assistant

Katie Heath

Sales & Events Coordinator

Mel Duncan

People, Governance and Office Manager


Our Strategy

Oxford SU is led by students for students. Our team represents the interests of our members with drive, determination and proficiency.

Our strategy contains 3 key goals:


We want to support and encourage all students to get the most out of the academic experience at the University of Oxford.


We want to work together with students and the University to make a welcoming, safe and inclusive place to live and study with an equally high experience for all students.


We want to enable communities to connect, develop and grow – to improve the Oxford experience as a whole.


Our principal funding sources are grant income from the University of Oxford, as well as income from commercial activities, which is steadily increasing.

Trustee Board

Our Trustees are legally responsible for our financial and legal health and strategic direction.

Our Trustee Board is made up of 6 Sabbatical Officers, 2 Student Trustees and 4 External Trustees.

Find out more on our Trustee Board page.