Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

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Leo Buckley

I am extremely well placed to be your NUS delegate. Not only do I have experience with the NUS (I was elected NUS president of my sixth form college of 4600 people, with nearly a thousand votes) but I also have experience with ensuring that the Voices of young people are geared and expressed. Between 2017 - 2019 I was an elected delegate to the Youth parliament. This experience saw me speak twice in parliament, advocating youth issues, and having numerous meetings with MP's and cabinet ministers. In short, I know how student politics works, and I know how to be effective within it. Furthermore, my professional experience makes me an effective NUS rep. Before I came to Oxford in worked for Consultancies (as director of strategy) and in production (of documentary films, developing my interpersonal skills), both domestically and abroad. These experiences have resulted in me having the knowledge and expertise to effectively advocate for students at a national level. As an articulate and constant advocate for youth issues, published in the national press multiple times, I am able to confidently articulate the issues I care about and people who I represent. And with experience in Oxford societies, ranging from passing JCR Morions to advocate increasing worker pay, through to experience as a member of secretaries committee of the Oxford Union, I know how to be a effective representative and advocate, for student issues. I care about Oxford, and more than that, I care about the people in it. I want to see Oxford as a better, more inclusive, more egalitarian, and also a more fun place. I think that my experience and competence places me well to operate, for you all, in an institution I am already familiar with. I hope I have your support. #Back Buckley