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Luca Di Bona

Luca Di Bona for NUS Delegate

I’m Luca (they/xe), a second year student studying philosophy and linguistics at St Hilda’s College, and I am running to represent you at the NUS, to deliver the change we all need as students today.

In a time of the current cost of living crisis (and the significantly below inflation increase in the student loan), a time of what is, according to the UCU, the biggest series of strikes on UK University campuses, a time of an unprecedented crackdown by the Conservative government on the right to strike and protest and a time of dangerous attacks on migrants and trans people from the media and the ruling class, it is crucial that we stand up to protect each other, and the NUS provides a framework where the right delegates can campaign to influence government and university policy to demand the changes students need.

* Cost of living: I will lobby for increased financial support for students from the government in the unprecedented times we are living in, as well as high quality services for students to provide what we need. 
* Staff conditions are student conditions: full support to the UCU strikes, I believe that universities should immediately accept the demands of the UCU in full to bring an end to the dispute and provide a quality learning environment for students, and I will do my best to provide student solidarity to striking staff.
* A world that it’s worth graduating into: I will attempt to ensure that the NUS campaigns on not only the issues affecting us as students now, but the issues we will face upon leaving university and entering the rest of our lives. Fighting for a world built for workers, and a world free from racism, queerphobia, sexism, islamophobia, antisemitism, antiziganism, ableism, transphobia, classism and all other forms of discrimination

I have experience pushing for change within democratic institutions, negotiating, and working to build a better future, including the following roles:

* October Club communications officer
* SU Class Act and LGBTQCam intersectional rep
* St Hilda’s JCR Trans officer

Vote Luca Di Bona for NUS Delegate at Voting opens 6th Feb