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Mia Clement


VP Activities & Community 

Hi, I’m Mia (She/They)! 

I’m running for VP Activities and Community because I am: 

  • Experienced in student representative roles (including President of the Oxford Climate Society; Environment and Ethics Representative for Christ Church College; Student Ambassador for School of Geography and the Environment). 

  • Dedicated to a proactive approach to change having collaborated with the Environmental Sustainability Team and having drafted Christ Church’s Environmental and Sustainability Plan. 

  • Excited to get cracking on biodiversity restoration and providing safe shared spaces for students and Oxford residents. 

About me: 

I’m a third-year geography student, passionate about environmental protection and restoration, with a soft spot for vegan chocolate. I’ve dabbled in student journalism as Managing Director of the Oxford Blue, joined Oxford Climate Justice Campaign on climate demonstrations as a climate activist, as well as having worked with Oxford Net Zero on sensitive intervention points for academic institutions. 



Climate education... 

  • Provide an accessible climate change and biodiversity online course for all students. 

  • Collaborate with departments for accessible curriculum that addresses Oxford’s growing research on environmental issues. 

  • Work with Teach the Future, Conservation Optimism and Force of Nature to improve access to information on the climate emergency and ecological crisis and the online course. 

  • Expand the Sustainability Hub to include non-university environmental charity groups and ways to get involved. 

Points on plants... 

  • Diversifying college green spaces using the Oxford Partnership for Operationalising the Conservation Hierarchy data summary on the University’s approach to biodiversity management. 

  • Work with college gardeners and staff to support Earthwatch Europe’s Tiny Forest project. 

  • Collaborate with the Nature Positive University Initiative to start a University and College wide nature positive journey, incorporating a biodiversity baseline, targets, actions and annual reporting. 

  • Support University’s path to biodiversity net gain as proposed by Bull et al. 20221. 

Community action... 

  • Work with Town Council, local charities and the University to support existing and future community-led projects. 

  • Bring back the Oxford Climate Forum where both university and non-university affiliated groups can voice their opinions on current Oxford climate action and research. 

  • Create an accessible and friendly seminar series with leading academics across departments to share Oxford’s research outside of the University itself. 

  • Collaborate with MakeSpace Oxford to encourage accessible safe and creative spaces. 


  • Work with student environmental societies to inform students the importance of institutional decarbonisation alongside individual behaviour changes. This would involve supporting the Decarbonise Oxford campaign and Oxford Climate Justice campaign. 

  • The Tale of Two cities': educate students on the inequality between the University and Town through (at least) one workshop per term led by pro-active individuals on how students can support action against deprivation, poverty, homelessness and other social crises. 


Vote for Mia! 

SU Election voting closes 09th February. 


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