Candidate for the position of Vice President Liberation & Equality

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Kennedy Aliu



Vice-President Liberation and Equality

Policy Mandates


Who is Kennedy:


Hello Oxford Students, my is Kennedy Aliu and I am reading for a MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration at Green Templeton College. I am a Canadian-Nigerian student passionate about student organizations and collective power, intricacies of human rights, law, social change and their relationship to people and land. As I reckon on the refugee condition, and what it means to reimagine collective liberation across various intersections and marginalities, the themes compel me to ask questions and build a collective critical praxis rooted In hope and action. In the role of Vice-President Liberation and Equality, It is my goal to Empower students towards building an inclusive community; Engage in efforts that promote greater equity and Educate the Oxford community on issues of justice and solidarity toward collective liberation.


Kennedy’s Experiences:

  • Social Representative for the MSc Refugee and Forced Migration 2022/2023 cohorts.
  • Welfare Officer at Black Student Society Green Templeton College.
  • Co-President of Carleton University, Undergraduate Institute of African Studies, Ottawa Canada.
  • Student leader Research Outreach at the Canadian Federation of Students.
  • President of the Nigerian Student Association, Ottawa Canada.
  • Community Organizer and Campaign lead on Prisoners Mental Health and Housing Displacement, Toronto, Ottawa Canada.


Kennedy’s Vision:




  1. Racial, Gender, Ecological equity


Racial and Gender:  

  1. Survivor-centric and intersectional approaches to Sexual and Gendered violence on campus.
  2. Require student organization to put in place peer-to peer sexual violence and support training
  3. Amplifying the research of women and queer persons on Sexual and Gendered based violence.
  4. Raise awareness for violence against 2SLGBTQ+ Students on Oxford campus.
  5. Strengthening anti-discrimination campaigns pertaining to Racial discrimination, Antisemitism, Islamophobia, Transphobia, homophobia and biphobia.


  • Ecological Equity
    1. Work with JCR and MCR on strengthening, improving and committing to the University Environmental Sustainability Strategy.
    2. Advocate for an intersectional approach to environmental sustainability.


  1. Refugees Sanctuary and Protections
    1. Lobby the school and campus colleges to put in place safety measures for students with lived experiences of displacement.
    2. Work with the Oxford Refugee Led Research Hub in highlighting and mobilizing refugee stories.


  1. Equitable access to work, Academic and Internship and scholarship opportunities for students
    1. More scholarships for international students from regions of the world with history of marginalization and colonial plunder.
    2. Access to educational resources and job opportunities for low-income and BAME students.