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About the FemTech society:


What We Aim For: To promote understanding of the health gap and to encourage engagement with & discussion of intersectional technology-based solutions for the health and wellness of women and gender minorities. 

Inclusivity: Our society and the FemTech industry itself are currently in their nascence. As a committee, we want to ensure that we cultivate an inclusive environment with an active commitment to inclusion of all individuals of any gender & sexual identity, race, sex, ability or background. We welcome everyone! We will be holding events to provide insight into a broad range of healthcare and technology developments. We will be inviting experts to talk about health issues related to having a female reproductive system, regardless of gender identity, assigned sex at birth or desire to reproduce. 

Growth and Engagement: We believe in the power of collaboration and active participation. We're here to listen and turn your ideas and feedback into action. We hope every member feels valued and has equal opportunities to contribute and benefit from our community's diverse offerings. We are also looking to create a membership programme that will bring you certain benefits – follow us on our socials and watch the space!

Innovation and Improvement: We're dedicated to bringing fresh ideas and improvements to our community, ensuring that we continue to grow and thrive together. We are already in contact with several FemTech actors in and outside Oxford and can’t wait to present our ideas for next year soon.

Get Involved: We encourage you to take an active role in our community. Whether it's attending events, participating in discussions, or volunteering, your involvement is what makes our community special. Please reach out if you are at all interested, we're happy to chat about how to be involved! 

Stay Connected: We will be regularly updating you with news, events, and opportunities to get involved. Keep an eye on your inbox and our social media channels for the latest! You can follow us on Instagram or Facebook and we can also be found on LinkedIn.


Your Oxford FemTech Committee