Readout of Extraordinary Council Meeting on UCU

At Oxford SU's Extraordinary Council Meeting on the UCU strike on the 8th February the following resolves were passed. The sabbatical  team will now take these resolves forward. 

  1. To call on the University to oppose the pension reforms and meet with UCU representatives to determine the best way forward

  2. To mandate Oxford SU sabbatical officers to release a statement in full support of the UCU strike action

  3. To mandate Oxford SU sabbatical officers to and support organisation for the strike

  4. To mandate the VP Graduates to email all graduate students to encourage membership of UCU

  5. To, by all means possible, encourage students to respect the strike by not crossing the picket lines and not attending classes over this period except in the case of compulsory assessments. This could include, but is not limited to, producing materials including posters and leaflets to help explain to students what is happening and why our staff needs support.

  6. To encourage students to participate in solidarity action as requested by UCU’s Oxford branch including standing on picket lines [and excluding non attendance at compulsory assessment]

  7. Mandate the SU sabbatical officers to discuss with the university and UCU representatives ways in which to minimise the impact on students who have critical assessments during the strike period

  8. To mandate the sabbatical officers to lobby the university to improve communication with students regarding the expected impact of the strike as a matter of urgency

  9. To mandate the sabbatical officers to meet the proctors to express their disappointment about the potential disciplining of students showing solidarity with the strike, and to engage in further discussion with the proctors on behalf of students who wish not to cross picket lines by not attending mandatory classes

  10. For future potential stikes to take the acts of solidarity with UCU in resolves 1-6 as the default policy and action for Oxford SU