Climate Library

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Climate library


And it's finally here, my child! Welcome to the Oxford SU Climate Library, an extensive repository of curated resources hosted on the ORLO platform. Dive into a wealth of information spanning various categories that encompass the multidimensional aspects of climate change, activism, and the individuals shaping our environmental future.

The Oxford SU Climate Library on ORLO is a comprehensive resource hub fostering knowledge exchange, education, and inspiration to catalyse positive change in our approach to environmental issues. Join us in exploring, learning, and advocating for a sustainable future.

Categories include:

  • Foundations: Delve into the fundamental principles and theories underlying climate science, exploring key concepts and historical perspectives shaping our understanding of environmental change.
  • Nature: Uncover resources spotlighting the intricate relationship between climate change and the natural world, including biodiversity, ecosystems, and their vulnerability to environmental shifts.
  • Activism: Engage with materials on grassroots movements, advocacy strategies, and campaigns empowering individuals and communities to drive impactful change in combating climate change.
  • People: Discover narratives, interviews, and profiles of individuals contributing  significantly to environmental advocacy, highlighting diverse voices shaping the discourse.
  • Policy: Explore the intricate landscape of climate policy and governance, including insights into international agreements, legislative frameworks, and policy analyses.
  • Adaptation: Access information and strategies concerning adaptation measures, resilience-building initiatives, and community responses to the impacts of climate change.
  • Economics: Gain insights into the economic dimensions of climate change, examining financial models, market trends, and sustainable investment strategies.
  • Attribution and Impacts: Explore resources dissecting the attribution of climate change and its far-reaching impacts on various sectors, populations, and ecosystems.
  • Solutions: Discover innovative solutions, technologies, and best practices aimed at mitigating climate change and fostering sustainability across different domains.
  • Place: Explore localized perspectives, regional impacts, and case studies highlighting the significance of geographical context in understanding and addressing climate challenges.
  • Creative: Immerse yourself in artistic expressions, creative endeavours, and storytelling mediums illuminating the human experience and emotional aspects of climate change.
  • History: Trace the historical timeline of environmental movements, milestones, and pivotal moments shaping the discourse on climate change.

Contribute to the library by suggesting additional resources and materials through the Microsoft Office form, enabling us to continuously enrich the repository and foster an inclusive, comprehensive knowledge hub dedicated to addressing the complexities of climate change.