Statement condemning the Oxford Union's treatment of Ebenezer Azamati

We, the Sabbatical Officers of Oxford SU, condemn the actions of The Oxford Union regarding the treatment of one of our members, Ebenezer Azamati, ( and stand in solidarity with Mr Azamati, Oxford Africa Society and Oxford ACS.  Although we were pleased to hear that following the appeal process on Saturday 16th November 2019, the President of the Oxford Union, Brendan McGrath, has formally withdrawn his charge of violent misconduct against Mr. Ebenezer Azamati and that the Intermediate Disciplinary Committee has found Mr. Azamati not guilty of all charges brought against him, we do not feel this goes far enough. We therefore support Oxford University Africa Society in their further demands, which include: 

-A public apology from the Oxford Union and its President, Brendan McGrath. 
-An official confirmation that Mr. Azamati’s union membership has been reinstated. 
-A public announcement by the Oxford Union on the appropriate disciplinary process and -punishment to be meted out to its staff, the security guard, who assaulted Mr. Azamati. 
-Details on how the Oxford Union intends to compensate Mr. Azamati. 
-The immediate resignation of the President Brendan McGrath.  

Our Vice President for Welfare and Equal Opportunities will be writing to the Standing Committee of The Oxford Union expressing the above and the University urging them to take action. 

Racism and ableism must never be tolerated, and we will continue to challenge the institutional structures in place at institutions such as The Oxford Union which allow such abuse to continue.  


Anisha Faruk (President), Ray Williams (VP Access and Academic Affairs), Kaya Axelsson (VP Charities and Community), Neil Misra (VP Graduates), Róisín McCallion (VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities) and Amber Sparks (VP Women)