#StepChange Launch

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On Wednesday evening alongside Oxford Mental Health Network we launched our campaign for Oxford to adopt mental health as a strategic priority, in light of Universities UK Step Change framework.  


A national framework for Higher Education devised by Universities UK (UUK), #StepChange in student mental health begins with higher education leaders adopting mental health as a strategic imperative. 


Mental health matters. It affects our relationships and our wellbeing. It determines how we learn, and our attainment. Tackling the crisis in student mental health may be our greatest challenge. 


We have sent a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford recommending that the university adopts the new model in a comprehensive mental health strategy. 


This work is part of our broader work on mental health across the university. For more information contact Ellie Macdonald, VP Welfare & Equal Opportunities, or Joe Inwood, President. 


You can read the letter here


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