Student Led Teaching Awards 2019, shortlist announced!

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Oxford SU is proud to announce the shortlist for this year's student-led teaching awards. With a packed field of nominations from across the university and colleges, this year's judges had a tough task to narrow down the field. 
Every year Oxford SU  acknowledges the University's lecturers and staff members who stand out from the rest and inspire, challenge and engage their students. You have the opportunity to recognise those individuals - the ones who offer excellent teaching and support.

They're out there, we know it, you know it, and now it’s time to let everyone else know it!

The Student-Led Teaching Awards scheme continues to develop our partnership with the University and highlights the importance of the student experience and student's voice.

The winners will be announced on the 9th May at the Awards evening at the Ashmolean. 

The shortlist is: 

Best PG Teacher
Celine Jones
Dr Ani Calinescu
Dr Eric Ohuma
Janet Dickinson
Jennifer Carter
Olivier Lennon
Simon-Pierre Chevarie-Cossete

Best Support Staff
Lucy Jarman
Bronwen Edwards
Gary Jones
Gill Mclure
Sarah-Jane White
James Hellyer
Stephen McGlynn
Zoe Hart

Most acclaimed Lecturer

Andrew Sillett
Antonios Tzanakopoulos
Ariel Ezrachi
Steven Balbus
Minhyong Kim
Jennifer Carter
Eric Ohuma
Ana Gutierrez Garza
Proochista Ariana
Dorothée Boulanger
María del Pilar Blanco

Outstanding Graduate Supervisor
Dr Christopher Gerry
Ariel Ezrachi
Jane Crawley
Professor Caroline Jones
Cathy Oakes

Supporting Students (Academic) 

Joanne Innes
Christina de Belliague
Dr Proochista Ariana

Supporting Students (Non-Academic) 

Bailey Thomas
Bella Jackson
James Hellyer
Rebekah White
Sean Veitch

Outstanding Tutor

Amy Orben
Andrew Schuman
Antonio Coco
Dr Julie Dickson
Dr Michael Hawcroft
Dr Janet Dickinson
Emine Cakir
Fiona McConnell
Francisco Marmolejo
Graeme Smith
Ian Maclachlan
Jody Laporte
Neil Herring
Nick Owen
Paul Harrenstein
Sabrina Martin
Sian Pooley
Udit Bhatia

Exceptional Feedback
Emine Cakir
Kate Kirkpatrick
Diverse & Inclusive Education
Anthony Clarke
Dr Peter Claus


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